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Miki Sanukis Amidaisa of Nudedudes


Miki Sanuki's Amidaisa of Nudedudes Most sphyhx will tolerate a bath even if they do not like it. Many many sphynx are water babies and like to splash around, Dizzy does not, and that is putting it mildly. With an absolute intolerance of water I think that someone up above must have known this and gave her the ability of never needing to be bathed. She is a blue cream tortie and white mink that never gets dirty and I mean never. Dizzy’s skin is always super soft and immaculate and I am often left in awe over how she does it, apart from the very occasional wipe down and clean of her ears she requires nothing at all from me to keep her clean. There is only one cat in the house that is as clean as Dizzy and this is Pico and incidentally they are firm friends and are often found washing each other.

Dizzy is a small but perfectly formed female with lovely type and skin to die for. Often you forget she is there because she is so quiet, and will wait patiently until its her turn for lots of fuss. Dizzy is the most uncomplicated cat I have ever had, but show her a bath and my you see she has a temper, she is never afraid to let you know if there is something that she dislikes. Super super sweet and a light in this house, I am so grateful to have Dizzy here with us, thank you Wil & Debbie for allowing her into our lives.
Sphynx photo of Dizzy

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