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GC/FiFE IC Bastetsphynx Frankie of Nudedudes

The rascal sphynx, Frankie Frankie as a sphynx kitten

This is Bastetsphynx Frankie. He is our imported stud boy from the United States of America. I was brought up by my grandparents and in January of 2004 I lost my beloved Granddad Frank who had bought Frankie for me. I dearly wish he could have been here to see him arrive, he was so looking forward to seeing him. I need to take this opportunity to thank Jennifer Vallandigham from Bastetsphynx for allowing me to adopt this gorgeous boy. Also the kindness she has shown to me has been quite incredible, over the last few years we have become firm friends and I shall never forget what you have done for me, I shall never let you down. Thank you so much for being there to listen to me when things have got tough, you have been a wonderful friend!!

First one show sphynx Grand Champion in the UK Sphynx Cat photo Beautiful Bastetsphynx Frankie

Bastetsphynx Frankie of Nudedudes™ is Fife International Champion and also made TICA Grand Champion in one show making him the first ever Sphynx cat in the United Kingdom to be a one show GRAND!!!!! We love him to pieces and the quality of his offspring are second to none. He is an extremely muscular Sphynx of excellent type and a true American, loud and over the top LOL!!!! He is the cat with the most character of all in our cattery and never ceases to make us laugh. I bless the day I was allowed to adopt Frankie and I bless the day that I met his breeder!!!

In March 2006 Frankie left my life, to say I miss him could never do it justice. I will always love him I will always miss him, and I will always be grateful for the time that I had him with me. Even if that time was cruelly cut short. Frankie lives on through his children, and in them I see him everyday. I am lucky to have them. Frankie was always at closed stud and along with Jennifer Vallandigham in the United States of America we are the only breeders to own entire offspring from him in the World. Frankie fathered two sons who were born after his death. Nudedudes Veni Vedi Veci and Nudedudes Lex Talionis they will be a living legacy to their father.
In loving memory at rainbow bridge

Frankie now at rainbow bridge They will remain here with us, through them and his two daughters Nudedudes Picos Blue and Nudedudes Divine Retribution Frankie's legacy will live on. His sons will however be at STRICTLY CLOSED STUD.My wonderful sunshine clown cat, one day I will find out all the details surrounding your death and who hurt you, and if it takes the rest of my life to do so I have plenty of time, this is my promise to you. You were a pleasure to have, a pleasure to love, Frankie you were simply a pleasure!!!!

Rest In Peace my sweet, crazy lad. Go play with the birds and the butterflies, take a part of me with you and go be with my Granddad who will take care of you, till we meet again over
Rainbow Bridge.

jen with frankie
Frankie.. xx


Since Frankie died I have searched high and lo for a poem that truly expresses my feelings about him. I happened to come across this poem on a maine coon breeders site it was written by Jane Lord of Jamcusa Maine Coons for her wonderful cat Indy, who has so kindly allowed us to use it on this memorial page for Frankie. For the first time in all this time I have found something to express the way I feel about his death.

Senseless and such a waste of life, such a beautiful, beautiful cat there seems no reasoning behind it. So Frankie I will not forget and I will always question “WHY

I miss your loving nature, you have left an empty space.
I miss the way you'd say hello, touching your nose against my face.

I miss our morning kisses and the way you'd pull my hair.
I miss the grooming"cheek rubs" while you sat proudly on your chair.

I miss the way you'd stand for me in your bath before a show.
I miss your very presence more than anyone will know.

To me you were so special, you were my pride and joy.
It wasn't meant to be though, fate took my handsome boy.

I'm left with only memories of what we may have had.
But those aside, just losing you, is what's hurting me so bad.

Soon I guess this pain will ease as time meanders by..
But FRANKIE I will not forget and I'll always question WHY


Click here to see a version of the RAINBOW BRIDGE POEM


Bastetsphynx Frankie


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