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Gorgeous, gorgeous little bundle of fun. Far too many sphynx that we see today are too long in body. We seem to see more and more sphynx looking like bald orientals or bald siamese and this is not correct. The short stocky bodies that I so love I see so little of these days. We at Nudedudes are striving to produce cats that look like sphynx should and not bald versions of other breeds.

Epiphany has the shortest body I have ever seen on a sphynx, she has inherited that from her wonderful father Tjampoer, she also has the strongest chin I have ever seen on a sphynx, something that is virtually impossible to see these days. So many sphynx have weak chins, but Epiphany's nick name is desperate dan or rawjaws because of her marvellous chin. Epiphany is Trinity's litter sister and completey and utterly adorable, she is not as aloof with strangers as Trinity, and has a very funny naughty streak. Epiphany is the cat that likes to play hunt the toe game in bed, a trait of which her great granny Isis as a kitten was master of.

Epiphany too will stay here with us, she is very bonded to Trinity and we do not ever want to split them up. Trinity and Epiphany were the survivors of a premature litter from Pico two years ago. Trinity is only the second smallest kitten in the sphynx breed that I known to have survived. Trinity weighed 50 grams at birth and Epiphany weighed 75 grams, sadly the other three girls in an all girl litter of 5 did not survive. At their first time out showing both girls took first and second in most rings, Trinity actually finalling 1st in one ring from many many all breed kittens. I am thrilled with Epiphany and cannot wait to see what her babies will look like, I have high hopes for them. Again my gorgeous little bed buddy we are blessed to have you here.


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