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Preparations & Hazards

Apart from getting your supplies & kitten’s room ready, there are some simple steps you can take to make your home a safer place for your kitten.

If you think of your new kitten as having a young toddler in your home then you won’t go far wrong. Think of the possible dangers?

Sphynx particularly love water. Make sure all toilet seats/lids are kept down. Don’t leave filled baths unattended. Always run cold taps first before the hot, tragedies can and do happen, I know this much to my peril as a wonderful sphynx baby of mine was burned to death in a hot bath tub.

Check blinds for any dangling cords, these can strangle a kitten and entice them to play. They can also cut off circulation if wrapped around part of a kittens body. Take particular care with window blinds either horizontal or vertical.

Cover chimneys, so you don't loose the kitten. I have had kittens of mine whose favourite game is to climb up the chimney and come down covered in soot. Watch any tiny gaps or windows where kitten could escape or fall, fitting mesh over your windows is a good option because in summer it can get hot, but sphynx can get out and believe me they will.

Chair spokes that taper, cats can get their heads caught in them panic and break their necks.

Dishwasher Danger Always check washing machines, tumble driers & dishwashers BEFORE switching on.

Any form of rubber or foam rubber. This can swell and cause blockages in a cats intestines.

Protect young kittens from the danger of stairs or open banister rails on the first landing.

Remove and secure any small items likely to go in kittens mouth, ie, hair bands, elastic bands, paper clips, etc..

Bowls with small openings at the top or empty cat food tins, cats can get their heads stuck and are not able to free themselves.

Lighted candles.

Sewing threads.

Cigarettes are poisonous to cats if swallowed.

Whilst these pictures look really cute there is a serious threat to cats who crawl into carrier bags.

Not only are plastic bags dangerous to humans but can be fatal for your kitty, take great care when unloading the shopping into the house that your cat does not crawl unawares into the bag. Carrier bags suffocate!

Beetlejuice adores carrier bags and we are always very careful when he is around them that he is not unsupervised.

Cat in a bag

Dangers of suffocation or injury










Cat beds with openings that the cat gets into and lies in, other cats can lie on them and cover the openings and the cat inside can suffocate.

Anti-freeze is attractive to all cats and kittens yet is DEADLY. A little will kill almost immediately.

Needles, fishing hooks and any jewellery. Sphynx are born thieves and you will need eyes at the back of your head to make sure they do not steal something that can do them harm.

Keep all poisons, medicines and cleaning materials securely away.

Any phenol based disinfectant is DEADLY. That is any household cleaner that goes cloudy in water IE, Zoflora, Dettol etc..

Many plants and flowers are toxic to cats. The biggest one is any plant/flower in the Lily family. This includes those lovely, easy to care for Peace Lilies. Make a friend or neighbour happy, give them away and don't risk having them in the home. In the past I have always advised owners to buy artificial plants instead of real ones however many artificial plants are planted in Spanish moss, which is lethal to cats if ingested, so please take great care even with artificial plants.

Kittens sometimes have a cable/wire fetish. They usually outgrow this. Please take the necessary precautions with all electrical cabling in your home. I have known this kill.

Pot Pouri and plug in fresheners have been known to kill kittens. If you use a spray room freshener, do so when kitten isn’t in the room.

Do not feed products with onion or garlic.

Tea Tree Oil is commonly used in pet products yet is known to cause problems with cats. I would recommend that you don't use anything with Tee Tree Oil in.

Take extra care around Christmas time. Trees, glass baubles, tinsel etc can all pose a threat. Try to supervise your kitten at all times at this period in rooms with these decorations.

You can use bitter apple or hairspray to deter them from places you do not want them to go, or items you do not want them to have that could do them harm.

This list is by no means exhaustive but aimed to highlight a few of the more common hazards. Please use common sense in and around your home at all times when you have young kittens in your home. If you are ever in doubt about your kitten and a possible hazard do not hesitate to take your kitten to your veterinarian immediately.

Kitten Dangers

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