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Nudedudes Kittens Come with the following

As a very small cattery, breeding for health and quality, only a very small number of litters are born each year. Most of my kittens are placed as pets or for show in the neutered class. I will always be happy to help you show your Sphynx kitten, and I will always come out to a show with you if you need my help. My pet or show kittens are all spayed or neutered BEFORE they leave me. It is EXTREMELY unusual for us to place a cat for breeding. If we do, it is with someone that we know personally and who works with the same goals and intentions as ourselves, to better the breed. I will never place a breeding cat with someone that I do not know personally!!! If you are interested in getting into the cat fancy and/or have thoughts of breeding Sphynx, PLEASE begin with a spayed or neutered cat and someone to mentor you, I will be happy to help in whatever way I can. This will allow you to get acquainted with the show scene and other breeders. It is very important to have our breeding cats evaluated against the written standard with other Sphynx to ensure that we are breeding the best cats. Cat shows also allow breeders to interact with one another, forming a solid network of support and exchange of information.  

Every kitten from us comes with an extensive sales contract that is designed primarily to protect the kittens, but also the buyer and the cattery. The contract specifies the requirements for purchase i.e. kittens may never be de-clawed, or kept outside, if the buyer cannot for whatever reason keep the kitten, IT MUST be returned to me. This is very important I have done much rescue work in the past both involving felines and canines and I NEVER want to see one of my kittens end up in a rescue centre, the contract also outlines care given by myself, i.e. kittens are fully vaccinated, 6 weeks insurance, spayed/neutered, micro-chipped, come with a written health guarantee, and are registered by myself with both FB and TICA. They also come with an extensive kitten pack which includes their food, litter, toys, harness and lead, bathing products and many other things you will need for once your kitten comes home with you. 

I will want to meet you personally and I never ship kittens that I do not travel with. You will be welcome in my home at anytime to meet my cats and view the environment they live in, and I will ALWAYS be available for aftercare and whatever questions you may have, that applies if you have a cat from myself or not. I am always pleased to answer anyone’s questions about my beloved breed. 

My babies are very precious to me, and as such I view myself responsible for them for life, therefore if at anytime you need me I will be there for you and I hope you will always keep in touch with me, and let me know how your Sphynx is getting along.  

If you are interested in purchasing a Nudedudes™ kitten please contact me and I will discuss the contract in more detail with you.


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