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DGC/Fife GIC Bareangels KJ of Nudedudes  

Once described by the president of Fife as having EVERYTHING one wants in a sphynx. KJ is a black tortie and white sphynx who is a typical nutty tortoiseshell. Never far from someone’s neck, which incidentally she likes to suck she is our little love bug. An exceptional mother producing exceptional kittens we are lucky to have been blessed with KJ’s presence here. KJ came to us as a thin, very frail cat, along with 5 tiny weak kittens, (one of which was her daughter Fidget), when she was 18 months old. Well a good few years on she is the picture of health and vitality, and forgotten all about her previous times. KJ is just a pleasure to be around and I do not know anyone who has met KJ that does not love her instantly.
Bareangels KJ of Nudedudes


Black Tortie and White Sphynx Queen


Bareangels KJ of Nudedudes pedigree

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