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In Loving Memory..

This page is a lasting memorial to my wonderful friend Lorraine Nagel.

She provided me with constant support and a shoulder to lean on throughout our short time together. Lorraine was responsible for making all my show drapes, with which I won best decorated pen at Edinburgh last year (2005). She was talented, successful and oh so funny!!! Absolutely dedicated to her cats, she was a wonderful breeder, who bred British and Bengals.Her passion in life was to own a Sphynx, but she wouldn't have one till she had more time on her hands (knowing the amount of attention these little gremlins demand). I always said that one day I would breed her the best Sphynx I possibly could, well now I will never get the chance, life is so unfair! We had such good times together and I will miss her so very much. My show time will never be the same without you my friend, but I will think of you every time I hang those drapes before a show, I shall never forget you.

One of Lorraine's kittens

Some of Lorraine's British Kittens

Lorraine Nagel's Show Drapes


LORRAINE NAGEL DIED 9th November 2003 aged 38 years


To the girl with the smiling eyes, the distinctive voice and a kindness that reached from the top of her head to the tips of her toes, how I wish I could have been there for you too!!
Till we meet again Lou!


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