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We proudly present Shangari Had U Fooled of Nudedudes

Youngest ever FIFE Champion at age 11 months of age

Meatloaf came to us in February of 2004. Meatloaf was an absolute menace, and she would follow me all the time up and down and was never still, she was like a whirlwind, and never gave up. I have never known a more loving, well socialized little lady, she could not stand to be away from me. After campaigning Meatloaf as a kitten and then in early adult classes she went on to do us all really proud, becoming the youngest ever FIFE Champion Sphynx cat at the age of just 11 months old.

Meatloaf was the mother of our very dear Klanky who we sadly lost at the age of just 5 months old, and also Meatloaf’s other two kittens from that litter Sugar Ray and Kermit sadly did not survive, which meant we lost the whole litter. It is because of this even though we had only had one litter with her of which there were no survivors we decided to retire Meatloaf from our cattery and she now lives with my very good friends Terry and Yvonne who have four cats from Nudedudes. As Meatloaf was the first sphynx picture that they ever saw, to have her in their lives completed their little sphynx family and they were absolutely thrilled. Thanks so much for providing her with such a superb home and for being such great friends over the years.


Meatloaf Youngest FIFE Champion

CH Shangari Had U Fooled of Nudedudes


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