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Miki Sanukis Tjampoer of Nudedudes

Miki Sanukis Tjampoer of Nudedudes

Sphynx Stud Cat When I first saw Tjampoer he took my breath away. He is an F3 double outcross, domestic shorthair one side and American shorthair the other, proving that when outcrossing is done well the results can be superb. Mr T is a black and white sphynx and does not possess a hair on his body. Muscular is not the word for this cat he is simply built like the sphynx version of a little bull dog and truly breathtaking. I have never seen a better example of the sphynx breed and we are honoured to have him here with us. This cat is 14 years of Wil Olfers breeding in our hands something that we will never forget and will always be very grateful to Wil for entrusting us with our stunning lad. Tjampoer is the father of our wonderful Pickle. He is simply a cat in a million and we love him so very much. Kittens will be expected from Tjampoer very soon, the first legitimately registered kittens from Tjampoer in the United Kingdom.


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