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QGC/FiFE CH Miki Sanukis Ms Lee of Nudedudes

There is one thing that I could say about Muesli that would describe her perfectly SUPERB TYPE. How I wish that every cat I bred could look like this. Of course she is produced from years of dedicated breeding from Wil Olfers from the Miki Sanukis cattery and the superb lines that are in her background, Belfry, etc. I am very conscious that it takes years and years to produce a cat as lovely as Muesli, and I am so honoured to be keeper of that work and dedication that has been put in before me, Muesli is a red and white mackerel tabby and is half sister to our beloved Banjo, even though she is a female she reminds me of a male with her wonderful muscular structure, and was once indeed mistaken by a judge for a male who absolutely adored the red and white boy. When I explained to him that Muesli was indeed a female and not male, he could not quite believe his eyes and loved her even more, and said he had never seen a better built sphynx female. Muesli has done really well on the show benches both here and overseas and we are hoping to resume showing her at some point this year, although first of all Muesli will be on maternity leave as we are hoping for kittens from her shortly.

Miki Sanukis Ms Lee of Nudedudes Sphynx Cat

Everyone is so excited about babies from Muesli she is so gorgeous and it is not very often that you see a sphynx female as outstanding as her. I personally am hoping for a little Muesli that I can love adore and show alongside her or his mother, so maybe there will be tiny cornflakes born fairly soon to fulfil my dream.

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