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Our Neutered Cats

Nudedudes own 3 alter Sphynx. These Sphynx  have played such a pivotal role in our lives they will live out the rest of their days with us. Each one of them have a story to tell, and are linked to us in such ways that we could never be parted from them, the memories that link them with us are so deep. So bonded are they that they instinctively know when any of us are sad or not feeling well, and are more than happy to play nurse maid in the house or to lick our tears away. They are some of the oldest cats that we own here, but also they are still full of crazy antics and fun, and can give the youngest a run for their money, and every day they make us smile. We are extremely lucky to have our beloved neuters and our lives would just not be the same without them.

Much Loved Sphynx

Our Extended Family

This section is for our owners and beloved cats that now live away from us, but are always in our hearts. Nudedudes Sphynx builds lifelong friendships with the people that have our cats, and we are eternally grateful for the fabulous homes that both our cats and ourselves are lucky to have found. Many of our owners take time to show their cats campaigning the Nudedudes prefix on the show benches, thank you so much to everyone who takes the time to do this not just for us but our beloved breed as well.  We will always be there for every cat that leaves the Nudedudes Cattery be that a kitten, a retired breeding queen or a rescue cat. They are all my babies for life and if at any stage they should need me I will be there. We will always be thankful for the selfless people who have chosen rescue cats some who have led hard lives beforehand, and given them the love and compassion they so rightly deserve. THANK YOU TO EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU!!!!!!!

Much Loved Sphynx


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