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Introducing the first ever sphynx cat in the UK to become a
FiFE European Champion

EC Pharocrest Aszand Osiris of Nudedudes aka Osi

Pharocrest Aszand Osiris of Nudedudes
Photo © Bob Fox

Osiris started off his show career when he was 10 months old, it was a "bit of fun for me" and I thought I would give it a try. What followed in the next 13 months or so I could have never ever predicted. Osiris went in three short months to become a Champion, Britain's youngest ever Fife Sphynx champion and he gained this in the minimum amount of time possible, this record has only been beaten by Champion Shangari had you fooled aka Meatloaf who I campaigned as a kitten and she became the UK's youngest ever Fife Champion at the age of 11 months. Osiris went on to become International Champion at Hayward's Heath in March of 2003.He is currently Britain's top showing Sphynx cat and until very recently was the only Sphynx cat in the United Kingdom to gain the prestigious title of Fife European Champion. We are now honoured to own the first ever male and female sphynx cats to gain this coveted award. I feel that I have taken much of the credit for this cats achievements, while Osiris has often been in the wings so to speak, but it is all down to him. He really is our Hero.To say that I am incredibly proud of this cat would be an understatement. I could never put into words how much I love him and how much he means to all of us. Osiris was my first Sphynx, introduced me to the love of this wonderful breed of cat and I owe him so very much.

Well done Osiris, I always knew you could do it!!!!!!. 

Whilst this is has been an amazing achievement for Osiris and obviously ourselves, it is also an incredible achievement for the Sphynx breed as a whole. Often the subject of controversy this proves that the Sphynx is UP THERE with the best of them!!!!  I think that firm congratulations goes to the breed as a whole it has taken the utmost dedication by many to get to this stage.

Osiris has had a very busy show career. He achieved his European title from start to finish in just 23 months. It has been an incredibly wonderful journey for both ourselves and Osiris to get him to the highest award possible within FIFE. However we now feel due to his incredible achievements that it is time for Osiris to retire from the show bench. We will miss having him there with us but feel that he deserves a very well earned rest. Thank you Osiris for giving me 23 months of absolute pleasure, it will be quiet for me without you there!!! My noisy but perfect little man. Osiris continues to be a very important part of my breeding programme producing fantastic babies to carry on his legacy on the show bench.

Pharocrest Aszand Osiris of Nudedudes Pedigree

Sphynx Male Cat

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