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We proudly present Nudedudes Patience

International Champion FIFe International Champion
Double Grand Champion TICA Double Grand Champion
Best Junior 2005 Number one FIFE Junior 2005

Patience is a stunning black and white tortoiseshell she was my pick of litter and went to live with her new owner but is co-owned with myself. Patience’s litter was affectionately known as the fabulous four as all four babies were show sphynx, something that you do not find everyday. They were once referred to by a FIFE judge as the fairy tale litter and of the litters I have had at Nudedudes it is this litter that always stands out so much in my memory.

I would have dearly loved to have kept a female back from this litter however Isis only had two girls, and I had promised them both to people who were friends of mine at the time. So sadly I had to take a backseat as I would not break my promise, and even more sadly there was never a repeat mating and this was the last litter Isis ever had. We are exceptionally proud of this wonderful lady, who has a temperament just like her mother Isis.


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