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Nudedudes Picos Blue I never thought I would be lucky enough to have a cat to show again like my wonderful Isis, and then came her granddaughter Pico. Pico is a classic blue and white tabby van who at every stage has been an absolute treasure. NAUGHTY beyond extreme just like her mother and very rarely off her favourite perch of a willing shoulder she is an extremely demanding cat and takes up masses of my time which of course as a willing slave I gladly give. I have been asked by people for Pico so many times and my reply is always the same, you could never cope with her. She is fondly known here as the “sugar glider” as she loves to jump huge leaps and land on her poor unsuspecting pray, normally my partner Mick as she has a real thing over doing this to him.

I have campaigned Pico all over the world and she has been an absolute pleasure to own, love and show. To our delight she was TICA’S number 1 cat from the United Kingdom this year and Fife’s number one shorthair cat and number one sphynx last year and this year, she really really has done us proud. Pico has her own page on the show cats section, and has achieved more than we could have ever hoped. Of all the cats here she reminds me the most of my Isis. My naughty little sugar glider I bless each and every second that I am with you.


St Petersburg, Russia Pico keeping warm

Pico does St Petersburg....


Pico-Queen of the castle

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