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FIFE Grand International Champion
TICA Supreme Grand Champion Alter

Aardvark, gorgeous gorgeous Aardy, was both mine and my daughter’s favourite kitten in his litter. So mischievous a dear friend of mine always referred to him as my little red demon, she loved him too and would come and visit every day in the 15 weeks we had Aardy with us after his birth.

I always new Aardy would have to have a very special home for anyone to take him away from us, and there was no one more thrilled than my daughter when he went to Wendy.

Aardy clowning around

Erin used to so look forward to going out to the shows to see Wendy and Aardy and I think the fact that Wendy had him made it slightly more bearable that he had to leave us. Wendy was so kind and would send pictures of Aardvark back for Erin to look at as well, so that she did not miss her little red lad too much.

Campaigned so superbly on the show bench, our eternal thanks always goes to the owners of our babies that choose to show them on the bench.

 Aardy is an absolute gentleman on show days and a firm favourite of many people both visitors and judges alike. I have never once really seen Aardy get upset with anything and I have certainly never heard him shout or swear. 

So thank you so much Wendy, Aardy really is your little superstar and a very bright shiny one at that.

Playing as a kitten


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