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We proudly present Bastetsphynx American Beauty of Nudedudes

TICA SGC TICA Supreme Grand Champion

When Frankie was killed I never believed I would smile again and then his grandmother Abby came into my life. So very much like him, she is a constant reminder of how lucky I am to have her. When Frankie was a baby his mother Beauty rejected him, and Abby took over raising him as her own. All credit goes to my dear friend Jennifer Vallandigham for this wonderful cat, because she was not only bred and raised by her, but the whole of Abby’s show career was solely in the States with Jen.

Bastetsphynx American Beauty of Nudedudes
© J Child

Abby was neutered some years ago and I was so lucky that Jen gave her to me to help me when I lost Frankie. Abby travelled all the way back from the USA with me in the cabin of the aircraft, and many people asked me at the time why on earth as a breeder would I go to all the expense and trouble of importing a neuter. Well, the comfort and joy Abby brought to me was immeasurable and no amount of money could ever buy that.

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