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We proudly present Nudedudes Tribal Bareskin

TGCA TICA Triple Grand Champion Alter

Duncan lives with my friend Sheila and belongs to her son Aaron. I heard of Sheila when I read a post from her on one of the cat forums. I looked up her website and was touched by her story of a little cat called Indy who had stolen her heart. A little while later I received a phone call from Sheila about various cat topics, and was shocked to find it was the same lady whose story had touched me so.


TICA Cat Show
Duncan with TICA judge Franziska Gagern being made a champion
Unbeknown to me at the time Sheila’s son wanted a cat of his own to show. You could say that fate played a hand in bringing us together as some months later I got to meet Sheila in person at a show with her son Aaron. I think much to Sheila’s horror Aaron, after holding my sphynx baby decided that the breed of cat that he wanted was a sphynx. I still laugh when I think what her face must have been like living in a household of such tremendously hairy cats and realising her son wanted a bald one. Well I am glad that Aaron chose the sphynx breed as his love of my breed of cat brought his mum and I together as friends.

I am often surprised that she managed to stay such firm friends with me because Duncan is so naughty and is more than a match for his furry enormous live in lodgers, as I am sure that this is how he sees them. Clearly he sees himself as the best cat in the house (does he see himself as a cat) and the rest are obviously just there to keep him warm. I mentored Aaron on the junior achievers programme, and would like to take this opportunity to thank him for the wonderful way that he showed Duncan, and his politeness to me. Thank you Sheila for making Aaron’s days with Duncan possible on the show bench, and of course huge thanks for helping to show our little lad so wonderfully.

Duncan Disorderley


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