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Fidget has had some hilarious show reports which show not only is she a “looney” at home but also on the show bench. To name but a few they include “a lady who knows how high she can jump”, and goodness me so do we, at last count I am sure it was six and a half feet from the sitting position. “Very playful and has a darling personality”, “A lovely fidget – just like quicksilver”, and this comment was written even though the judge did not even know her name.
CH Nudedudes Charity

This should give you some insight into Fidget’s infectious personality. Always willing to please she is an absolute dream to show and loves to be on the judges table, delighting them with her crazy antics.

 I feel that I have not shown Fidget anywhere near enough as there are only so many cats that one can take to a show at one time, finance, room in the car, many things play a factor into how many cats you are showing at any one given time, and we have just not had the chance to show Fidget as much as I would have ideally liked.

Fidget will be on maternity leave for some of this year as we do plan on having another litter of kittens with her at some point. I hope that after that point Fidget can accompany me on the show bench once again, and hopefully do some showing with TICA, as up to now she has only ever shown Fife.

Crazy, loving clown and a joy to be around are just some of the ways to describe Fidget.


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