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We proudly present Bald n' Beautiful Jen-Isis of Nudedudes

Accolades for Isis

FIFE Grand Champion FIFE European Champion
FIFE Grand International Premier Fife Grand International Premier
FIFE Distinguished Show Merit Fife distinguished Show Merit
TICA Regional Winner TICA Regional Winner for 3 consecutive years
Supreme Grand Champion Supreme
Grand Champion
Supreme Grand Champion Alter Supreme Grand Champion Alter

  • 1st Blue and white sphynx Europe North 2004/5
  • 3rd Overall sphynx Europe North 2004/5
  • 20th Best shorthair cat Europe North 2004/5
  • 2nd Best blue and white Sphynx Worldwide 2004/5
  • 1st Blue and white sphynx Europe North 2005/6
  • 3rd Overall sphynx Europe North 2005/6
  • 6th Best shorthair cat Europe North 2005/6
  • 19th Best cat Europe North 2005/6
  • Best blue and white sphynx worldwide 2005/6
  • 1st Blue and white sphynx alter Europe North 2006/7
  • 2nd Overall sphynx alter Europe North 2006/7
  • 3rd Best shorthair alter Europe North 2006/7
  • 5th Best alter Europe North 2006/7
  • Best blue and white sphynx alter worldwide 2006/7 

Isis is a stunning blue and white harlequin sphynx cat, wherever Isis is people flock around her and she never bothers. Amazingly cuddly and with the loudest purr you could imagine she is very people orientated. Isis has had the most amazing show career, one that we could have only ever dreamed of.

After perhaps not the best start in life, Isis has blossomed into the beautiful girl we see before our eyes today. Again huge thanks to my great friends in life, for their amazing amount of knowledge, help and expertise when we most needed it in the very early stages with Isis. It never ceases to amaze me how the wonderful network of Sphynx cat breeders I choose to work with never let me down. They are always there on hand when I need them most. Thank you, thank you, thank you, I don't need to name them because they all know who they are but please know this I am so grateful to you all.

Isis championed on the 14th March 2004. Since this show, her wins are extensive and she has gained countless best in varieties, best opposite sex in shows, best adult in show and overall best in category three winnings. She currently stands as the top titled Sphynx female cat in the United Kingdom being the only European champion female sphynx cat in the UK. As far as I am aware there is no other cattery in the United Kingdom that have campaigned a sphynx to Regional Winner status or European Champion status, I believe that there are only three Sphynx in the UK to ever gain a Regional win with TICA. Isis, her son SGCA Nudedudes Jay-Jay and her granddaughter SGC Nudedudes Picos Blue. The same three sphynx cats and also EC Pharocrest Aszand Osiris I also believe to be the only four sphynx cats within the United Kingdom to achieve European Champion status.Isis has been shown in both Felis Britannica (FIFE) and The International Cat Association (TICA).

TICA Judge with sphynx cat
TICA judge Jean Marc La Garde with Isis

We are so incredibly proud of our very very special little girl. She means so very much to us, and we look forward to many more successes with her.

At the Derby TICA show in February 2006 and in front of the glaring lights of the BBC Isis became the first ever sphynx cat to gain the title of Supreme Grand Champion in the United Kingdom. The television cameras followed her story that day for a documentary called "Inside Out", much thanks to the organisers of this show and the BCC themselves for the professional way that we were dealt with. In March of 2006 she also received the FIFE title of Distinguished Show Merit having been awarded 10 best in show wins over a period of not less than two years and one day. After only ever having two litters of kittens with a total of nine babies, Isis almost received the title of Distinguished Merit with four of her children going on to reach the titles of International Champion/Premier or above. The fifth baby that would have needed to complete this title showed to Supreme Grand Champion level in TICA but sadly had to be neutered before reaching International Champion status in Fife and her owner decided that the time had come to retire her. It is possible that we will campaign another daughter from Isis this year and hopefully then Isis will become Distinguished Merit as well.

Thank you my little lady, you have been worth everything we went through together when you first arrived with me, we always have and always will have a very special bond together, I love you so very much. Isis is now neutered and will live the rest of her life here with me as my much loved pet. Already she has gained the title of FIFE Grand International Premier and TICA Supreme Grand Champion Alter, the first cat of any breed to gain the double supreme title within the UK. I hope to continue having her at my side for many more years to come and maybe one day she will become the only sphynx in the UK to gain the titles of European Champion, European Premier, TICA Supreme Grand Champion and TICA Supreme Grand Champion Alter, she certainly only has a short way to go. Isis loves her show days and I absolutely love having her there with me, life simply would not be the same without Isis.

It is everyone’s dream to own a show cat like Isis, I was just the person that was lucky enough to be owned and loved by her, and she is an absolute star. I am grateful for every second we have had together. I am Jen and she is Isis and together we make Jen-Isis, one of us would not be complete without the other, and our journey has been a terrific one.Very bonded to me and a real "mummies" girl she will be with me forever more, forever in my heart. We are very very proud of her she is my ANGEL in a blue and white skin. To all who know and love Isis I know you know just what I mean!!

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