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We proudly present Nudedudes Jay-Jay

The first ever European Champion Premier sphynx in the United Kingdom

The first ever Supreme Grand Champion Alter sphynx in the United Kingdom

Fife Shorthair Neuter of the year, 2 years running show season 2004/5/ 2005/6

Nudedudes Jay-Jay
© Bob Fox
My beloved sphynx cat Nudedudes Jay-Jay

We are so very proud of Jay-Jay, until a short while ago when Pico became European Champion. Mummy (Isis). Daddy (Osiris) and son (Jay-Jay) were the only sphynx cats in the United Kingdom to hold the title of Fife European Champion and Fife European Champion Alter.

Jay-Jay was my pick of litter kitten, from my very first litter here at Nudedudes, and although he lives with his owners, he is never very far from my heart.

 All here at Nudedudes are very proud of all your achievements my wonderful little man.

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