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We proudly present Bareangels KJ of Nudedudes

FiFE Champion FIFE Champion
TICA GC TICA Grand Champion
Regional Winner Second best black tortie and white sphynx Northern Europe 2006/7

All KJ’s offspring take after her on the show bench, and seem to absolutely adore their show days out. KJ herself is no exception delighting crowds of people with her wonderfully friendly ways. KJ has done really well on the show bench in this Country and it is always a really fun day when she is there.

KJ absolutely adores people, she will get along with any cat in the house but people are her absolute first love. Often to be found draped around my neck, licking whatever part of my skin she can get her rough tongue to, she is one of the most affectionate sphynx in the house.

KJ with her babies

Perfectly proportioned KJ has had some truly wonderful babies here with us. Nudedudes Divine Retribution who know lives with my good friend Jennifer Vallandigham in the United States, Sheila’s wonderful Duncan Disorderly (Nudedudes Tribal Bareskin), and the absolutely stunning Nudedudes Relax Don’t Do It, owned by the dear Wendy Dunn, who very recently at the Bracknell show became yet another Nudedudes baby gaining the highest title in TICA of Supreme Grand Champion Alter. Thank you so much Wendy for loving and showing this little lad to his true potential.

 We are so very proud of KJ and all her achievements and her children’s achievements.

 Wonderful mother who adores her kittens, just as we absolutely adore her!!!


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