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We proudly present Sanspelo Chanel of Nudedudes

TICA Champion TICA Champion

Chanel has never been shown by ourselves and was campaigned in the United States before coming to live in England. Nellie as she is affectionately known by all of us here is now our beloved pet. Nellie is an extremely affectionate cat and gets along with any other cat in the house, apart from when they try to take her food. Nellie probably has the greatest story to tell in this house, she is the reason that my fiancé and I met, as Michael and his late wife Amanda adopted Nellie from me some five years ago. 

Sanspelo Chanel of Nudedudes
To quote Michael’s words about Nellie, “Nellie lived up to and surpassed all our expectations of what a sphynx could bring to our lives, she stole Amanda’s heart and was a constant companion to her throughout her illness. Nellie could be found constantly at Amanda’s side in the last few weeks of her life and never left her.”


 Nellie will live here with Michael and I for the rest of her days. I will never be as grateful to any cat as I am to Nellie, if it were not for her I would not have met Michael and I cannot imagine my life without him. 


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