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FIFE International Champion

Many thanks to my wonderful daughter Erin for campaigning Sweet Pea as a baby. In fact it is down to Erin that Pea remained here at Nudedudes with us. Originally I had only planned on keeping one kitten from Sweet Pea’s litter, and Pea was not my choice. After many tears and much begging and pleading from Erin I finally caved in and agreed to both Pea and her sister Smudge staying. How glad I was that Erin helped me to make that decision.
Sphynx International Champion

Erin used to be delighted when Sweet Pea beat her sister on the show bench and would dance and whoop and gently take the Mickey out of me for her much better kitten than mine. We had such fun out at the shows and now she has grown up with many friends and past times of her own I miss her dearly.

I will never forget her face when she was sat in the vet’s waiting room with me and she picked up a copy of the pet plan insurance magazine they had in the surgery, only to find a fantastic picture of herself and Sweet Pea staring up at her, she was so very proud and the look of joy on her face was a pleasure to behold.

Erin you also make me proud and you are a wonderful young lady who has never forgotten how she managed to choose the best kitten of the litter above her mum!

Since that first litter of kittens Pea has always remained Erin’s favourite and the two of them have a very special bond with each other. Pea has produced some absolutely stunning babies and has been a huge part of the Nudedudes Cattery, it is likely that she will retire at some point this year after her last litter of babies with us.

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