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We proudly present Miki Sanukis Ina Pickle


Fife Champion Fife Champion
TICA Quaruple Champion TICA Quadruple Grand Champion
Regional Winner Europe North Best cream and white mink 2007/8


Something we are very much lacking in the sphynx today is wrinkles. For some reason the wrinkles over the years seem to have got less and less and today’s sphynx sometimes can appear to hardly have any and this is not correct. The breed standard calls for wrinkles although they must not be detrimental to the cat. Well our beautiful Pickle certainly has the most wonderful wrinkles. Son of Tjampoer he has inherited his father’s wonderful looks and we are very honoured to have him here with us.

Wrinkles on a sphynx

Pickle hopefully will sire his first litter here at Nudedudes this year, and we are hoping for beautiful wrinkley babies like their father. Pickle has had an extremely successful show career and is always a true pleasure to show, unfortunately, his father despite being the best representation of the sphynx breed I have ever seen REFUSES to appear on the show bench, one cannot have it all, and because Tjampoer has been so unhappy when he has been at a show we are content to let his offspring take his place.

We are hoping that when tjampoer is neutered he will become our resident show alter, however for now testosterone has other ideas. Pickle is a firm favourite of the children and all who meet him at the shows because of his placid wonderful nature.


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