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We proudly present Nudedudes Picos Blue


FIFE European Champion Fife European Champion
TICA Supreme Grand Champion TICA Supreme Grand Champion
TICA Regional Winner TICA Regional Winner

  • Best blue classic tabby/white sphynx Europe North 2006/7
  • Best blue classic tabby/white sphynx of the year 2006/7
  • 2nd best shorthair cat of the year Europe North 2006/7
  • Third best cat of the year Europe North 2006/7

Pico is daughter to Champion Nudedudes™ In-Fur-No and FIFE International Champion TICA Grand Champion Bastetsphynx Frankie of Nudedudes™. Pico is without a doubt the naughtiest kitten we have ever bred here. Super loving and full of fun she is a joy to behold. I lost count of the amount of times I found her up the chimney and covered in soot. There have been many times she has had me literally pulling my hair out with her naughty ways.

Show days are Pico's time to show off, she loves being on the show bench and delights the judges with her crazy antics. Pico has the personality of an angel and a devil all rolled into one, there have been many times she has literally had me rolling on the floor in stitches laughing at her. Her infectious personality makes her a great hit on show days both with the judges and members of the public.

To breed a baby like this is something that we could have only ever hoped for, and I give tremendous credit to Jennifer Vallandigham because without her and our beloved boy Frankie Pico would simply not be here. Last year she campaigned all over the world alongside her grandmother Isis and we had such fun away with each other. We hope to have babies this year from Pico to carry on her legacy on the show bench, and for us all that remains to be said is thank you so much Pico for the tremendous fun you have given me. Pico is always impeccably behaved and an absolute joy, on the show bench, and for that I am truly grateful. It was always my dream to breed a cat like her, a dream which amazingly has been fulfilled. Pico is also quite the star at cat agility, and gained her skill certificate in cat agility in Jul 2006 where she took great delight in leaping and jumping through tunnels and demonstrated lightning footwork. Given the fact that she has always been a complete and utter “nutter” it did not surprise me for one instance that she enjoyed cat agility, it is typically Pico!

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