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We proudly present Nudedudes Precious Pearl

FiFE IC FIFE International Champion
TICA SGCA TICA Supreme Grand Champion Alter

Precious is one of the famous four litter, and we are so very very proud of her. Most of the time Precious was campaigned by her owner but a few times that her owner was in hospital I had the honour of taking Precious out to show.

It would be impossible to write down how grateful we are to her owner for campaigning this wonderful girl on the show bench.

Nudedudes Precious Pearl

A very dear friend of mine and always will be, her owner was so right when she warned me about someone who did not have my best interests at heart, and even though I could not see it at the time it turned out to be so true, how I wish I had listened then.

 I absolutely adore tortoiseshells and Precious is one of the most strikingly marked torties I have ever seen.

 A true naughty tortie who causes havoc wherever she goes but is so dearly loved and has a wonderful home.

Precious being supremed

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