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Nudedudes Show Cats

Here at Nudedudes we have spent many years dedicated to showing our fabulous sphynx on the show benches both in the United Kingdom and Internationally. Show days are tremendous fun and we are here to mentor anyone wishing to embark on a show career with their sphynx. It must be stressed that whilst it is lovely to win and be successful on the show bench the main thing is to have FUN.

Potential Future TICA Junior Achiever
How not to carry your sphynx
cat to the ring:)
 It is in my opinion to breed successfully you must show your sphynx cat or kitten, and we avidly support the showing of our breed all around the world. Showing keeps you in touch with other breeders, helps you evaluate your sphynx against both other sphynx cats and the breed standard, and is a great fun day out or a weekend away. It is something that is wonderful to get involved with the whole family and we even have the junior achievers programme in this country if children would like to get involved with showing with TICA.

Without our beloved beautiful show cats it would not be possible to achieve the things we have done here at Nudedudes and we are eternally grateful to each and everyone of them, and also to the owners who campaign their cats under the Nudedudes prefix.


Nudedudes Veni Vedi Veci
Nudedudes Veni Vedi Veci
at a cat show in the UK


Nudedudes Sphynx Show Cats

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