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Nudedudes Poetic Justice aka Spuddy


Well where can I begin about sphynx’s and Spud! I could be here all day but I will try to shorten it so that you all get the general idea. You will never know just by reading what it is like to have a sphynx in your life until you own one, or should I say till one OWNS you lol.

Nudedudes Poetic Justice
I have always been a fan of the sphynx, since I saw a description of them in a book. I liked how they looked (even though my friends and family said they had never seen anything so repulsive). I liked how they are described as the most intelligent cat around and how much love they give their owner etc. So I made up my mind that one day I would be the owner of a sphynx.

10 years later, at the age of 26, I was finally in a position to own a sphynx. I started to read up on them on the internet and decided to look for breeders of sphynx in the UK. Jens website was the first one I came across, so I went on the website and I was impressed by what I saw. I liked that fact she offered a contract on her kittens. It was obvious she cares deeply about her kittens, this is evident from her website. I liked the fact that Jen delivered her kittens to their new homes (obviously Jen cares about where her kittens go to). I liked that she had won awards and top awards at that, that her kittens had all the health checks and her cattery was performing regular heart scans, I have come to learn that this is very very important.

Anyway I rang Jen and after chatting for 2 hours I knew that I wanted a sphynx for definite and I asked to go on to Jen’s waiting list. Jen was really nice and just by talking to her I knew that I wanted to purchase a sphynx from her, no matter how long the wait would be. Anyway a couple of months later I heard about Spuddy who was a 2 year old neuter, I saw a picture and fell in love with him.

Many people wanted him but Jen being Jen wanted to find the best home for his needs as he had found a wonderful home but sadly did not get along with the elderly female cat of the house. I rang Jen again and we spoke and she explained all about Spud’s past and what he would require in a home. To cut a long story short Jen said she would be in touch after she had spoken to some other people that wanted Spud and let me know if she felt I could meet his needs the best. That was a very long and agonizing wait believe me. I was so happy when Jen said spud would be coming to me………

When he arrived I just wasn’t prepared for how much love I would feel for him. I love him loads, he is my baby and I don’t know what I would do without him. He is always at my side, chatting to me, following me around everywhere and loves to curl up on my lap.

Spuddy tucked up in bed
When I go to bed as soon as the lights are out I hear him crunching his biscuits, drinking water and then he makes these little noises as if to say “I am coming get ready for me!” He jumps on the bed and rubs his face against mine, I lift up the duvet and in he trots, gets under the covers and stays there until I get up in the morning. It’s like having a living hot water bottle with you all night.

Sphynx take over your life and I really cannot put in words what it is like to have a sphynx. What I have said here really does not do them justice; you really have to live with one to experience the mad world of the sphynx.

I remember Jen telling me about Spuddy and saying believe me when you have one sphynx that won’t be enough you will want another one, and I thought no one will be enough for me. Well I have to say Jen was right after all, after having spud for a couple of months I was itching to have another one and I hope I wont have to wait long as they are highly addictive creatures!

Nudedudes Poetic Justice

Written by Spuddys loving slave, Tania



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