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INT CH Nudedudes In-Fur-No By rights Sweet Pea belongs to my daughter Erin, Erin chose her as a baby and campaigned her for a time on the show bench. Very probably the naughtiest most mischievous sphynx in the house,  because I think Erin taught her really well, Sweet Pea is a black mackerel tabby and white and of all the cats here Pea is the greediest. Sphynx always have large appetites but Pea’s is IMMENSE. I have known Sweet Pea fling herself through the air and the pork pie that you have in your hand and are so looking forward to mysteriously vanishes.

I have caught her in the parrot cage eating the parrot food, there is absolutely nothing that I have ever found that Pea will not eat and many many times she was found like her daughter up the chimney.

Yes she is mother to our crazy Pico and you can see clearly when you witness the two of them together where Pico gets her mad antics and ways from. There is not a day goes by that cries of Eh! Sweet Pea cannot be heard as she steals something else. Whilst she is super naughty and drives me to distraction sometimes, she is very dear to us. Pea produces absolute stunning babies and is a wonderful mother. The best babies I have ever had here at Nudedudes are from Sweet Pea and I am very lucky to have been blessed with her. Pea is mother not only to Pico who was the number one cat (ALLBREED) from the United Kingdom in TICA this year, but she is also mother to our wonderful Lex.

Black Mackerel Tabby and White Sphynx


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