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Nudedudes Too Hot Too Trot

Trouble is the baby in the house and keeps us constantly on our toes. Dusk to dawn she is constantly beavering away looking for others to play with. When all else fails and the oldies have had enough of the youngster, she will amuse herself for hours with any toy she can find or anything she sees as a toy.

Photo of Trouble Trouble is daughter to Fidget and Banjo and takes on her mother’s extremely agile, whacky ways and her father’s muscular frame. Seal tortie and white mink and absolutely scrumptious, big boned and boyish looking, are some of the ways that I could describe Trouble. Baby of the house favourite of many hearts, she is absolutely beautiful and knows it. We love our adorable little imp so much. Trouble has been on the show bench as a kitten and we are looking forward to showing her again later this year, as we have high hopes for this sweetheart of a kitten.


Nudedudes Too Hot Too Trot AKA Trouble Seal Tortie and White Mink Sphynx Kitten



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